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Since 2010, the Sofia-Borella scholarship, awarded by Francesca Luconi and Alberto and Lorenzo Borella, has been awarded to graduating students and recent graduates to facilitate their school-to-work transition.
Following the death of their daughter in the winter of 2009, Sofia Borella’s parents wanted to commemorate and pay tribute to her passion for and commitment to contemporary dance and the School. Each year, two $2,000 scholarships are awarded to two graduates to enable them to carry out a contemporary dance project and to help launch their professional careers.  The scholarship is awarded on the basis of a project submitted by a graduating student or recent graduate.

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The selection committee will be made up of Sofia Borella’s parents, two members of the School’s artistic and teaching staff, as well as its General Director. Recipients will be chosen by a majority of votes. The committee will make a pre-selection on the basis of written projects.

Projects must:
1) Be transmitted by alumni from EDCM
2) Be related to contemporary dance
3) Enable recipients to launch their dance careers.

Eligible applications
All submitted projects will be considered and judged based on the following criteria:
– Quality and originality;
– Project’s relevance to the individual’s career profile and level of artistic development;
– Project’s potential to be completed within six (6) months of the awarding of the scholarship;
– Project’s financial feasibility and presentation of a detailed and realistic budget;
– Project’s potential impact on the participant’s career;
– Project’s social and community impact;
– Quality of documents and written expression.

Interested 2023 graduating students and 2022 & 2021 graduates have until April 28th, 2023 to submit their projects by email, mail, or in person at the reception desk of the École de danse contemporaine.

Application files must contain (electronic files):
– Applicant’s CV;
– A short text introducing the applicant;
– A text that includes: project description; purpose and reason why it should be completed now; explanation of this project’s impact on the applicant’s career (please you hypelinks);
– Timeline;
– Budget.

Candidates can consult old applications at the Media Library.

Projects should be submitted to the following address:
École de danse contemporaine de Montréal
Comité de sélection – Bourse Sofia-Borella
1435, De Bleury street – suite 600 (Wilder building)
Montreal (Quebec) H3A 2H7
Phone: 514 866-9814

The committee will meet in May to determine the recipients. The scholarship will be awarded during the last performance of Danses de mai, at Edifice Wilder Espace danse, on May 27th, 2023.

Audrey Rochette, recipient of the scholarship in 2012, reflects on the creative project she carried out with the Sofia-Borella scholarship: “One year of research, 100 hours in the studio. […] This experience not only helped me grow as an artist and leader, it also opened doors in my socio-professional environment.”

Marie-Pier Bazinet, who received the scholarship in 2011, says: “The Sofia-Borella scholarship enabled me to make a two-month professional development trip to Europe, during which time I rubbed shoulders with international contemporary dance stars. I feel very fortunate to have been able to meet these artists. Through their experiences and teaching, these inspiring men and women have a profound impact on the performing arts.”

– During the first year, in 2009-2010, two (2) scholarships worth $2,000 each were awarded to Élise Bergeron and Lisanne Goodhue, both from the class of 2010.
– In 2011, Marie-Pier Bazinet (2010 graduate) and Rosie Contant (2011 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2012, Vanessa Beaupré (2012 graduate) and Audrey Rochette (2011 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2013, Alexandre Morin (2013 graduate) and Anabel Gagnon (2012 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2014, Myriam Foisy (2014 graduate) and Emilie Cardu-Beauquier (2013 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2015, Les Tricheuses with Élise Boileau and Hélène Remoué (2014 graduates), and Las Padrinas with Léna Demnati, Camille Gachot, Olivia Sofia Garon Orellana, Justine Parisien-Dumais (2015 graduates) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2016, Audray Julien & Stefania Skoryna (2015 graduates), and Marie-Pier Proulx (2016 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2017, Maïka Giasson (2017 graduate), and Emma Simon (2017 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2018, Flora Spang & Silvia Sanchez (2018 graduates), and Matéo Chauchat (2017 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2019, Mathilde Heuzé (2018 graduate) was awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2020, Pénélope Gromko (2018 graduate), and Marie Lévêque (2020 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship
– In 2021, Julianne Decerf (2020 graduate), and Anny Gauthier (2021 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2022, Camil Bellefleur (2020 graduate), and Philippe Dépelteau (2020 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
– In 2023, Adèle de Boisgrollier (2021 graduate), and Mathieu Hérard (2021 graduate) were awarded a $2,000 scholarship.


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