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June 24 to July 5, 2024 (options: one or two weeks)

This intensive internship aims to inspire and unlock the creativity of youth aged 13-17 by the body, through a positive artistic approach, beyond clichés.
The internship focuses on four areas: technique; choreography; improvisation; and creative research.

Goals: To introduce young dancers to a distinctive contemporary dance approach by discovering their personal creative path and learning basic dance technique.

It is possible to follow the course for one week or two weeks without the content being redundant for the participants. A public performance takes place at the end of the internship. Courses are tailored to the participants’ level. A level classification session will be held on the first day.

Prerequisites: having practiced dance for a year (regardless of the dance style)
The class will be transmitted in French.

Teachers: Alexandra Caron, Hélène Remoué, Elsa Tellier

Experience contemporary dance in a stimulating artistic atmosphere in the heart of Montreal in the new dance venue, the Wilder-Espace Danse Building (Place-des-Arts metro).


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 am-10 am Activation Activation Activation Activation Activation
10.15am-12 pm Contemporary dance technique Contemporary dance technique Contemporary dance technique Contemporary dance technique Contemporary dance technique
12 pm-1 pm Lunch Pause Lunch Pause Lunch Pause Lunch Pause Lunch Pause
1 pm-2.30 pm Choreographic workshop Choreographic workshop Choreographic workshop Choreographic workshop Choreographic workshop
2.45-3.30 pm Dance Mediation Dance Mediation Dance Mediation Dance Mediation Dress Rehearsal
3.30-4.15 pm Creative research Creative research Creative research Creative research Dress Rehearsal
4.15-4.45pm Stretching Stretching Stretching Stretching 4.30 pm: Public presentation
5.00pm Closing Closing Closing Closing Closing


At the beginning of the day, all the young dancers are invited to an activation hour. As they are introduced to various approaches and ways of activating their body and mind, they will work on strengthening their body, developing flexibility and cardiovascular endurance while respecting their morphology. Alternation and juxtaposition of various approaches:
• Perfmax: Physical training of athletes from all disciplines, the Perfmax Centre has developed expertise in physical training for dancers.
• Yoga: Yoga consists of a series of poses or movements (asanas) that tend to relax the body, harmoniously develop the musculature of the entire body, work the spine, teach how to breathe properly, focus, etc.
• Balls: Training with exercise ball. The ball improves balance, coordination, muscle strength and flexibility, allowing a wide variety of movements. This tool adds variety to training and is a lot of fun!
• Qi-Gong: Traditional Chinese gymnastics and breathing technique based on the knowledge and control of vital energy, combining slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration. It tends to strengthen and soften the body’s musculoskeletal structure while teaching how to concentrate, meditate and work on proprioception.

Contemporary dance technique
The contemporary dance class consists of floor, bar and/or centre exercises, movement through space, as well as performing sequences and dances tailored to different levels.

Choreographic workshop
This is a dynamic and lively workshop during which choreography is developed over the course of the week by the teacher. To develop creativity and the pleasure of dancing, this workshop may include improvisation and passages created collaboratively by the youth. At the end of the week, the choreography will be performed before an audience of peers, parents and friends.

Creative research
Through guided workshops, learners are encouraged to discover the interaction between the imagination and the body. To awaken their creativity and enhance their expressiveness, they experiment with various visualization and mental imagery techniques, begin improvisation, explore various types of formal languages. This is also an opportunity to link or juxtapose choreographic segments.

Dance Mediation
A moderator will screen, briefly comment on and put into context a selection of short dance films featuring various contemporary artists from here and elsewhere. The young dancers will be invited to enjoy the movie of the day.

The days will end with a stretching session. For the dancer, the stretching is mainly to get a muscle relaxation after the effort, and optimize recovery. Muscle stretching can increase the range of motion by improving tissue flexibility (muscles, ligaments ...).


Summer 2024: June 24 to July 5
- Week 1 : June 24 to 28
- Week 2 : July 1st to 5
Opens at 9 a.m. / Closes at 4.45 p.m.


Intensive summer internship (taxes included) Rates
1 week $415

Please note that EDCM does not issue RL-24 slip for this activity. Your invoice is proof of your purchase.


Registrations open on February 26, 2024.

Terms of payment

Early subscription payment guarantee your participation to the class.
One single payment is accepted. Payment must be made before the start of the first class in the term. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m to 9 p.m. If you wish to make the payment during the first class, please arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.
Payment methods: online payment, at the Reception (cash, debit or credit card) or by phone.

Refund: For refunds, the EDCM complies with the Consumer Protection Act (Loi sur la protection du consommateur) in effect in Quebec. Clients may at any time, and at their discretion, cancel their course by notifying the EDCM in writing. To do so, clients must complete and submit the online cancellation form by email.

Courses are automatically cancelled from the date on which written notice was sent. No fees or penalties are charged if courses are cancelled before they begin. If courses are cancelled during the term, courses that have been taken must be paid for, in addition to a penalty equal to the lesser of the following amounts: $50 or 10% of the cost of services not yet received. All refunds will be paid within 30 business days.

Please note that a participant’s absence in a course does not commit the School to replacing the missed course.

Photo : Julie Artacho | Dancer: Camille Huang

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