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Choose the EDCM

The École de danse contemporaine de Montréal is a unique learning place, an extraordinary experience for young contemporary dance artists.

1. Montreal, cultural metropolis
The School is located in the heart of a bilingual metropolis where 85% of Quebec’s professional dance shows are presented within a one square kilometre radius. It is sure to satisfy the curiosity and aspirations of young novice dancers who would like to completely immerse themselves in the field. In 2017, Montreal was also voted the best student city in the world. More info

2. A recognized public institution 
The EDCM is affiliated with the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal (CVM) and accredited by the Ministère de l’Éducation et l’enseignement supérieur. Its students can therefore receive financial assistance from the Quebec government and the CVM (conditions apply).

3. Uniqueness and humanism
To bring out students’ full artistic and technical potential, the EDCM's approach emphasizes values as friendliness and respect for the individual. To develop their artistic individuality during their training, students will embrace a process to develop their sensitivity and creativity rather than simply learn a disembodied technique.

4. A school that embraces innovation

A unique incubator for talent and a privileged meeting place for local professionals and emerging young artists, the EDCM is fertile ground for research and artistic development as well as the emergence of new trends. It is a contemporary school that contributes to the renewal of creative forces within the field. Receptive to innovation, it is also a prized venue for sharing knowledge.

5. High-level, individual-centred education

Requiring very high ratios of teachers per student, the EDCM’s training provides a high level of education, focused on the individual path of its students. This personalized support allows students to deepen their exploration and develop their originality. Within the school, nearly 90% of the teachers/instructors are artists who are active in the professional community. They pass on their knowledge and know-how in a unique way by focusing on practical application, various techniques and disciplines, in connection with the needs of the professional dance community.

6. A high graduation rate

The EDCM is distinguished by its high graduation rate of 80%. Its graduates have acquired a deep understanding of their profession and are highly recognized by the professional community, as evidenced by the placement rates (85%), their participation in landmark projects, and the prizes and awards that highlight the quality of their work.

7. A school that is in tune with the professional community

Rooted in and in tune with the dance community, the EDCM provides artists and artisans with high-level skills that are highly sought after. The conditions and requirements faced by students upon leaving the School are thus reproduced throughout their training. The practitioners who teach also make up the young graduates’ first network of professional contacts.

8. Graduate support
Graduates receive support as well as many services and projects. More info

9. Special attention given to the dancer's body

Students can consult a Sports medecine doctor at the School. This weekly service is free of charge. Through a partnership with Kinatex Clinic, students receive on-site professional osteopathy and physiotherapy services at a low cost. A training room is also available for students. Also, a social worker is present at the School several days a week for free individual consultations with students.

10. High-calibre facilities
Equipped with facilities that meet international dance standards, the School is located in the Quartier des spectacles, in a unique space that will inspire the dancers of tomorrow. A specialized dance media library is also available. More info

Photo: Julie Artacho | Dancer: Rafaelle Kennibol Cox

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